Our lips go through a lot. As key components in several essential acts of everyday living, from eating and drinking through to talking and kissing, there’s not a lot that the most visible organs of mouths can’t do!

Read my lips

But, with such a lifetime of activity and the pressure of constant usage, our lips, and their ever-changing condition, can also be one of the most prominent indicators of our age. As we grow older, our collagen’s natural decline becomes visible across several areas of our face and, in our lips, this reveals itself in the form of wrinkles, asymmetry and endless thinning. Years of puffing on cigarettes can also make themselves known in the appearance of smoker’s lines, leading to further distress and dissatisfaction with our body image.

Age aside, the plumpness of our lips can also be dependant on genetics and some of us sit in the position of having thin, uneven lips passed down to us from our family lines – an act of nature that, when combined with the onset of ageing, can leave our lips looking shapeless, worn and lacking in volume and proportion.

Fortunately, Eternally Young Clinic, committed to providing treatments that subtly enhance the natural beauty of all of our patients, has the ideal solution for all of your lip-based concerns: the best dermal fillers for lips in Marlow!

Dermal fillers for lips

At Eternally Young Clinic in Marlow, we recognise the value of careful cosmetic and aesthetic intervention. As specialists in helping you to boost your beauty in only the most natural-looking of ways, we provide two top-quality lip filler treatments as a way of supporting your journey back to re-defined and more voluminous lips:

  • Shaping: In this milder form of treatment, a small amount of filler is injected into the border of the lips, restoring shape, fullness and proportion to lips made thinner by ageing and other lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • Volumisation: A return to plumpness and definition is assured in a treatment that involves fillers being administered deeper into the lips. 

Choose Eternally Young Clinic 

Eternally Young Clinic doesn’t just merely pay lip service to popular trends. Following a thorough consultation with us, we’ll determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for lip fillers and will advise on the best treatment plan for you. As industry experts and a clinic experienced in the administration of all types of dermal filler, we will not only conduct these procedures with safety and skill but will also be best placed to recommend the administration of additional dermal fillers around the lips to ensure of a look that retains proportion, structure and symmetry. 

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